Steve Allen 30s/40s Male Voice Over

“edgy conversational attitude comedic young”


I've been out of radio for about fifteen years now, but I still credit it for being the place where I learned the basics of voiceover, and how to be versatile with my reads. In radio it was handy to be able to be a game show host for one spot, and a golf announcer for another.
Since then, I've been part of the post production world, working as a sound engineer and voice talent. It's here where I've worked recording professional voice talents (and learning from them). As much as many voice talents are blessed with a great voice, it's the conversational sound that many clients are looking for, so I've worked hard to develop that part of my sound.
If you like my sound, I can deliver what you need, promptly, and at a fair price. I'm easy to work with and would love a chance to show you.

Steve Allen

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