Russ Roberts 30s/40s Male Voice Over

Russ Roberts_Conversational, Relatable, Believable, Animated, Diverse

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Upbeat_Fun_Personable Chevrolet Ad

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Dramatic_Informative_Documentary_TV Narration

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Gritty_Gravely_Story Telling_US Southern Accent

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Young, Hip, Cool, Excited College AD

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Characters_Cartoons_Video Games_Promos_ADR

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Guy Next Door_Informative_Friendly_Belivable_educational

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Telephone_IVR_On Hold_Reliable_Trustworthy

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eLearning_Guy Next Door_Friendly_Believable_Informative

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Online retailers_Excited_Promo

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Middle age_Conversational_Film Promo

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“Friendly Believable Conversational Professional Knowlegeable”


You can contact me directly: (513) 708-4718 Cell (513) 878-0479 Skype


I love to be the voice that grabs the attention of an audience. No matter the size of the project, my passion for this business is what drives me. The ability to create a voice or character that a client needs excites me and continually motivates me. Having the answer that someone is looking for will forever be gratifying.

You can contact me directly: and (513) 708-4718


Russ’s voice has been described in many ways!
Many of the Voice styles you can hear include: friendly, genuine, natural, authentic, guy next door, smooth, middle aged, corporate, business, educational, knowledgeable, compelling, authoritative, announcer, hip, funny, cool, urban, youthful, confident, sexy, animated, conversational, funny, enthusiastic, sincere, believable, country, folksy , southern, slow, calm, educational, , relatable, sophisticated , high energy, motivational, hard sell, soft sell, caring, sincere, attitude, smart, tough, deep, movie trailer, deadpan, serious, storyteller, TV Host, booming, cocky, attitude, angry, confident, dynamic, amusing, funny and more. The most common feedback from clients is the same; "ADAPTABLE" & "DIVERSE"

~Many projects require a unique sound that can't quite be pinpointed, sometimes clients are looking for something DIFFERENT and that is what Russ specializes in!!! Sometimes you might not know how to describe what you are looking for, but you "know it when you hear it". That is what we want to help you develop and find!


Russ is a very diverse talent currently casting and producing Voice Overs for a range of age requirements- 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s (25-55) and more! With a wide range of characters, sounds and styles, Russ can adapt to most age ranges needed for your project, ranging from Child/Teen to Senior.

Russ attracts many new and return-clients as he provides:
-Fast turn-around-times!
Many projects have same day turnaround times, and some within an hour or two depending on client need and availability.
-Clear, concise, high quality reads!
-Always on Call!
-Various format choices (i.e.- mp3, .wav, .aiff etc)
-Only the highest quality audio for final reads
-An array of sound / tonal options to choose from
-Only the highest quality equipment used on recordings
- Audio is always edited and polished the unless told otherwise

Clients around the world consistently choose Russ Roberts when they need an English (North American, Non-Regional United States) speaking young adult or middle aged talent with adaptability and professionalism.

That's why he is a top choice in voice over for commercials, tv, radio, (National, Regional, or Local) imaging, video games, cartoons, sizzle reels, explainer videos, promotional videos, Telephone, documentaries, brand videos, pharmaceutical, company product, eLearning (educational, tutorials, training lessons), audio books, phone prompts (telephone IVR, greetings, on hold), pod casting (show host, production, imaging), internal presentations (internet, powerpoint, business), narration (commercial, training, documentary) , Business promos, PSAs, Cartoons, Video Games, Sales and YouTube videos and more.

Style variations and sounds are great for projects. Russ can produce top quality English accents sounding native for any demographic or area of use. From Southern USA to NY tough guy, Cowboy to Urban, to many different accents and various sounds. Creating or replicating styles or accents is always something to have available, replicating an actor (ADR) or a similar sound as your favorite star or voice is something Russ is accustomed to~

Some of the Services we offer~

~ Pristine Voice Over Quality
~ Audio Production
~ Attention to Detail
~ Client attention and satisfaction

* Commercial spots (Dry voice or produced)
* Radio Imaging
* TV shows
* Cartoons and Characters
* Movie Trailers
* Business
* Corporate Narration
* E-Learning
* Audio Books
* Movie / Cartoon Voices
* Telephony, IVR
* Corporate
* eLearning
* Training
* Announcements
* Host
* Sizzle Reel
Many More Services Not Listed

Clients expect and demand the best, highest quality product possible, and that is exactly what will be provided. All recordings are done it a high quality, ultra-quiet, acoustically treated custom built recording booth.

~Voice overs are currently recorded on a Neumann TLM 103 and or Sennheiser MKH 416 to provide the client with the best recording options and industry standards available. Working directly from my professional studio allows me the ability to record at different hours of the day/night in efforts to work with the clients needs, time zone and time frame.


James Dayton-
Russ delivered the voice over quickly and the client loved it.

Axonic Nutrition-
Great sound and fantastic production. Quick turnaround with excellent service. Exactly what we needed!

Chavez Properties-
We were more than appreciative of the work Russ did on our project. We had a last minute project that needed to be completed and Russ more than exceeded our expectations. By far one of the most friendly and professional people we have ever worked with and would recommend him to anyone!

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