Dave Luukkonen 50+ Male Voice Over

sincere sell for health canada

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old demo reel

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Great Western Brewing "drop and give me twenty!"

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Great Western Brewing "Diamonds"

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old demo 2

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“Smooth warm, softsell to hardsell”


Dave has been doing voice work professionally since 1977. His clients have ranged from Safeway and Lotteries Canada, to Sony and the 1988 Winter Olympics ceremony of medals.
He is equally comfortable with smooth,soft sells and punchy hard sells. At the same time, he takes pride in being an actor- in not sounding like an 'announcer'. From the neighbour across the fence sound of his narrator for Health Canada, to the snooty over the top announcer he played for Great Western Brewing, Dave prides himself in creating credible, authentic characters.
Voice work isn't just work for Dave- It's a calling- an avocation that he loves to the point of obsession!
Dave offers versatility, experience, and a strong commitment to excellence. For simple voice-overs, Dave can often provide "turn arounds" of less than 24 hours.


I have worked with Dave's voice since the early 1990's on many.... many voice/commercial recordings. Dave's voice has the kind of sound that makes a producer excited, it's warm and it sells!
Thats a perfect combination at my studio.

Glenn Ens
Audio Art Recording Studio

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