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“I think the book is absolutely smashing. Clear, action type format, no ambiguity. The list of contacts is so useful.” -- Brid Ni Chumhaill, Voice Over Artist
“This is a super cool booklet. Love the bits about etiquette. So good to have that from an Irish perspective, rather than the US stuff I have read up to now.” -- Niall Kelleher, Voice Over Arist

What our customers say

“Piehole is an amazing (and handy) resource for all of us copywriters out there. Instant voice-over gratification on tap, as it were, in one place.” -- Patrick Chapman, Freelance copywriter

“ is like having 100’s of Irish voiceovers all standing in your studio and auditioning for the job at the same time. It’s amazing!! I didn’t even know that some of these talents existed… now I do and my clients will benefit immensely.” – Lee Walsh, co-founder of Bubble Hits TV and director of Creative Sounds LTD

“Piehole is really good, especially if you don’t have time to search each individual site or it’s got everyone under the 1 roof.” -- Barbara Hegarty, Head Producer, Rotcho

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Piehole for recording a demo ... The final demo was brilliantly produced and it was only a couple of weeks before I got booked for a gig off the back of it. ” -- Will O'Connell, Voiceover